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Restoring Your Competitive Edge

July 6, 2017
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In today’s global marketplace, low wage countries like China, the Philippines and India have been gaining jobs and business that used to belong to American companies especially in manufacturing, but also in call centers, programming, writing and other areas.

If your business has been negatively affected by foreign competition, how can you regain that competitive edge?

One possibility is in rethinking your business. For most businesses, gone are the days where you can compete by producing a commodity. Today, you need to offer something special to be successful. Depending on your business, this could be focusing on a niche strategy rather than being a generalist, solving a customer problem creatively, positioning your company to fill an unmet need in the market, streamlining your business processes with technology or implementing a marketing strategy that will affordably reach and motivate influencers and potential customers.

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Finding Your Brand’s Voice

April 12, 2017
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Finding your brand's voiceOne of the things that makes your brand memorable is consistency. Your brand, like an individual, should have a personality that is based on your product or service category, industry, target customers and competition (in that it is different from them). Every marketing or sales communication from your brand, whether it is spoken, written or non-verbal (visual, scent, auditory) should convey this unique personality, in what we marketers call a voice.

The voice of your brand will have a tone (reassuring, confident, brash, playful, laid back), and this will dictate the words that you use. A playful or laid back brand voice will use contractions to be less formal and simpler words, even in some cases, slang or emojis. A conservative, trustworthy voice will use more formal language and more sophisticated vocabulary.

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What to Look for in a Marketer

March 3, 2017
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First of all, in marketing youngest and cheapest are rarely best. I know, the trend is towards social media and business owners and managers think that in order to compete on social media, they need to hire someone right out of college. And to be fair, if you are just looking for a constant stream of posts linking to professionally written content you already have, that is a good job for a young social media marketer.

But if you are truly interested in connecting with prospects in a way that leads them to spend their hard-earned money with you, hire an experienced marketer who has been dealing with customers, business and human nature for a long time. Also, be wary of foreign writers who will charge very little but do not express themselves in a way American prospects can understand and appreciate.

An average marketer can explain your product or service and its features to prospects in a way that sounds fairly intelligent (no grammatical errors, professional sounding language).

But who wants average?

Here’s what to look for:

  • Experience – As mentioned above, it takes a lot of trial and error dealing with people in business situations to discover what works. Experienced marketers are also generally better at managing their time, so they can get the job done (right) faster.
  • Process – If your marketer approaches your job with no plan, the results will be uneven and jumbled. Every job is different, but the steps to doing the job thoroughly and well are pretty consistently the same. See our process here.
  • Insight – Hire a marketer with an ability to hone in on the driving motivators of your target market. For example, if your product is some kind of gift set, the buyer cares more about the presentation (box or packaging) and how expensive it looks compared to the price than they care about the lifetime warranty.
  • Curiosity – Look for someone who is enthusiastic about finding out more about your company and what you sell, and is willing to do a lot of research to uncover the nuances. Her enthusiasm will come through in her writing and will transmit to prospects.
  • Versatility – Many of today’s marketers confine themselves to one kind of marketing, but a truly effective marketer will be able to see the whole picture. Your company communicates with customers in a variety of ways, and if your message and voice are not consistent then you are being ineffective at best and confusing at worst.

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Know Thy Customer

March 3, 2017
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When preparing any kind of sales, marketing or customer service communication, which includes web copy, emails, sales scripts, presentations, brochures, and any other non-billing outreach, you need to understand what the customer or prospect wants, needs and fears. What problem does your product or service solve for her? What alternative products would she consider and why?

Don’t be afraid to talk to customers and ask them. If a prospect ends up not buying from you, ask what factored into his decision. If it’s not practical to talk to customers directly, then talk to your salespeople and get the customer questions, feedback and objections from them.

Take notes and give them to your professional copywriter, who will use this information to create headlines and sales copy that effectively motivates prospects.

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