How We Do It

Combining the science of analytics with the art of persuasion

At Pro Creative, what we do is a blend of art and science, and although client projects have different products, parameters and implementation vehicles, we go through a similar process with our clients to ensure that we thoroughly understand both your business goals and your prospects’ desires, perceptions and obstacles.


  • Initial call with you to get overview of current situation, business goals and areas of focus.
  • Detailed proposal with a description of the scope of the project as we understand it, the media we recommend to address the problems (web copy, website process improvements, email promotions, e-newsletter, press releases, blog, sales script, etc.) and investment required.
  • Proposal is accepted by you.
  • We have another call with you where we get more detail about what you are currently doing in this area, what has worked and what hasn’t, your priorities within the scope of the project. We will also give you some ideas on how to most effectively address the top priority issues. Additional calls may be set up with other managers or staff with direct knowledge of the area being worked on, such as salespeople, programmers and outside vendors.
  • We tackle each part of the project as it makes sense for an effective and consistent communication flow. For example, we might work on website sales copy, process flow and payment pages to get that working before moving on to email campaigns that would drive traffic to the website.
  • We continue to monitor results and test to get the maximum measurable results for you from the work we have done.
  • If we see something else that we think could improve your lead generation or ratio of closed sales, we’ll speak up and let you know.

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