Finding Your Brand’s Voice

April 12, 2017
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Finding your brand's voiceOne of the things that makes your brand memorable is consistency. Your brand, like an individual, should have a personality that is based on your product or service category, industry, target customers and competition (in that it is different from them). Every marketing or sales communication from your brand, whether it is spoken, written or non-verbal (visual, scent, auditory) should convey this unique personality, in what we marketers call a voice.

The voice of your brand will have a tone (reassuring, confident, brash, playful, laid back), and this will dictate the words that you use. A playful or laid back brand voice will use contractions to be less formal and simpler words, even in some cases, slang or emojis. A conservative, trustworthy voice will use more formal language and more sophisticated vocabulary.

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